• In=120kA
  • Iimp=20kA
  • GDT
  • Response voltage=600V

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LDY-D120 earth pole protection device is mainly applied to avoid the danger of potential difference between different grounding grids. When lighting comes. as the short distance among different grounding grids, the ground potential of some grounding grid may be elevated high simultaneously, thus high potential difference occur with other grounding grids, which may exist among network comsisting of circuit and device among different earth pole, that is ground potential counterhit, which may damage the device and hurt the people. Under this condition, the earth pole protective device should be installed among different grounding grids, so as to avoid ground potential counterhit

  1. High discharge capacity, low residual voltage.
  2. Build-in high performance gas discharge tube or multilayer gap,high security performance.
  3. D120 introducing the structure of gas discharge tube and D150 introducing 3-layer gap structure, strong arc-rupturing capacity
  4. Modularized design, convenient for installation and replacement, introducing wiring terminal connection,reliable and convenient wiring