• In=10kA
  • Imax=20kA
  • High Evergy MOV
  • Compact Housing

>LDY-10D 209K | PDF

LDY-10D series are applied to equipotential bonding of the low voltage distribution boxes in the building, providing protection against the overvoltage arising from the lightning strike to the power supply system of class 4 or faulty operation.(option from standard IEC61643-1 and Gb50343)

  1. Plug & Play design, live-wire replacement, easy maintenance.
  2. Build-in temperature control and circuit breaking technology, high security performance.
  3. Green light in notice window indicates normal, red indicates broken, replacement notice, which are clear and easy distinguished.
  4. Optional telesignalisation monitoring interface, realizable remote monitoring.
  5. External bus-barwire, single pieces free assembled, easy project construction
  6. Assembled 1P+N、2P、3P+N、4P etc pattern, applied for various electric network system./li>