• Company Overview:

    Shanghai LERDN was established in Shanghai, China in 2004, specializing in manufacturing a complete range of surge protective devices. The headquarter and the factory are located in Shanghai. Lerdn has been a top brand of surge protection in China.

    In 2010, Lerdn established a US brand Watchful Eye which was incorporated in New York, USA. Watchful Eye has been successfully marketing its high quality UL listed surge protective devices globally.

    With the fast development of green energy industry and the wide application of surge protective devices in wind and photovoltaic systems, Lerdn has specially developed a variety of surge protection devices for wind and photovoltaic systems. At the same time, Lerdn can design and provide unique surge protection solutions for green energy systems according to customers’ requirements.

  • Products:

    LERDN endeavors to research and manufacture surge protective products, which mainly includes three series:

    1. A complete range of surge protective devices
      • Surge protective devices for low voltage DC/AC power supply systems
      • Surge protective devices for wind & photovoltaic systems
      • Surge protective devices for data and signal control systems
    2. Intelligent safety monitoring system
    3. Design and customize products and surge protection solutions for your electronic systems
  • Service:

    Lerdn owns a team of experienced professional engineers who specialize in designing and offering reliable surge protection solutions and effective service for your electrical systems, wind and photovoltaic systems or telecommunication system.

  • Intellectual Property

    LERDN appreciates intellectual property rights and owns a variety of patents in the country of origin (China) by way of independent research.

  • Quality guarantee:

    LERDN provides a five-year product quality guarantee and high-quality service globally. LERDN owns comprehensive production and inspection equipment, which includes: stimulant lightning current impulse test stand, wave soldering equipment, network analysis meter, SPD performance tester, on-line aging test stand, etc. LERDN strictly carries on ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 management systems. All the products have CE, IEC certificates and other test reports. These products adhere to RoHS standards. During research and manufacture, LERDN actively reduces its environmental impact, emphasizes safety, and pursues sustainable development through constant improvement.

  • Cooperation:

    We wish to cooperate with more and more partners globally, and share our high-quality products and professional technology. We are sure to assist you to improve market development.